Imhotep sliding crust matches

Photo 1 

Photo 2  


Photo 3 

Yellow- tear matches derived from photos 1 and 2. The middle line is on the rotation plane (equator). The two on either side have slid in exactly opposite directions and by the same distance. 

Note, if photo 1 is correct, the left match sits a fraction to the right and parallel to the middle line with the right match matching to the middle line i.e. overlapping the left match a tiny bit while remaining parallel. 

Photo 4- The matches that bled through the pancake to its surface from the depression below when it was still seated over the depression. You can see that the pancake had already slid southwards by a few hundred metres from its original seating by this point and then apparently remained stationary while the bleed features were formed on its surface. It then slid on southwards to its present-day position. 

White- slide track

Green and dark blue- the original seating (right) and (green only) the points where these green sections of the perimeter came to rest while the bleed event occurred. 

Red, yellow, mauve and orange- corresponding features, in the depression  (on the right), and bled through to the surface of the pancake (on the left). 

Photo 5


Orange- the orange crust slide (bottom) and its seating at the crack (top) after cracking from the green slide. Green was still seated at the other side of the crack when the roundish features were forming. See part 46.

Yellow- Boulder seating (top inverted V) and current position (tip only). Also delaminations along the way. Sideways movement of delaminations is consistent with the radial separation of the surrounding slides. 


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All dotted annotations by scute1133.