Part 60- 150m Massif Slides 250m on Ma’at 

Copyright ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0 

(It’s just this one photo in this post with crops, annotations and gifs. Full credits at the bottom). 


Just one of many small-scale slid layers that are sitting in the queue of posts. This one is on Ma’at, just above Nut. It does betray matches from the perimeter of the slid layer to its seating if you look carefully (especially a saw-tooth line down the left perimeter). However it betrays bled matches very well. Bled matches are features that are repeated down through the layers in the third dimension. Somehow they’ve bled through to the surface. There’s a lot on bled matches in Part 45. It’s akin to spilling wine on a newspaper and the stain bleeding through the pages- except it presumably happened in reverse through sublimating gases finding the line of least resistance through the layers and possibly depositing refractory material on the way through. 


The original NAVCAM photo is first, then a closer version zooming into the area in question, then a succession of stills and different speed gifs constructed from the stills. It’s fairly self-explanatory.

The coloured versions are fiduciary points to direct you to where the bled matches are. They’re by no means exhaustive e.g. the yellow line continues all the way round that lighter feature and there are two more v shapes below the mauve-dotted one. Also, once you’ve familiarised yourself, you can return to the main non-gif photo and see the subtler matches to the right, along that wavy finger extension. The two bright green lines are not strictly on the main slid section but on another delaminated layer under it because everything was delaminating at Ma’at (see Part 29). 

It’s pointless just looking at the dotted versions only. They are just an initial guide. 

It’s advisable to hold the tip of a pen to any point of interest. It’s surprising how little it moves from gif image to gif image when you do this. The shadowing and surrounding features make it look as if it’s not aligned so well but it’s an illusion. The residual non-alignment is due to the slid section being at a slightly different profile angle (over the curving head) and human error in constructing the gif. You can even trace your pen tip down a certain line as the gif is running. 

Using the fast gifs is recommended for getting your bearings. Then slow for main analysis then fast again for better confirmation of what you’ve found. Then back to slow, and so on. 



Copyright ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0
To view a copy of this licence please visit:
All dotted annotations by A. Cooper. 


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