Part 48- The 1.6 km x 200m rift across Seth/Ash


This part shows just photos for the rift across Seth and Ash with no long explanations. If you agree that this looks like a 1.6 km-long rift, you might be interested in Part 49, which provides the explanations for how it came about. That Part reproduces all these photos along with a full explanation of the mechanisms involved. 

Photo 1- the rift (header reproduced).

Photo 2- the rift along with crust slide vectors. 

The original for photos 1/2

Photo 3- the rift viewed from behind and above Apis. Please ignore the red fork of 8 dots to the right and the brown line.  Part 49 explains them. The end of the rift has detached. 

Photo 4- same as 3 but with Apis added (pale green). 

Original for photos 3/4.

Photo 5- view from above the head lobe. The two bright green curves are extensions of the rift into Hapi.

Photo 6- same as 5 with slide vectors added.

Original for photos 5/6.

Photo 7- close up of the Hapi/Aswan end of the rift.


This is the only OSIRIS photo here so its credit is placed here. All other photos are NAVCAM and their credit is at the bottom. 

Photo 8- same as photo 7 but with the slid horseshoe and its seating matched (slate blue).

Original for photos 7/8.

Photo 9- same as photo 3/4 behind Apis but this time with mini matches. Mini matches are small-scale meanderings that match across the rift from perimeter to perimeter. They are thin, loose, ragged crust that tore from along and above the two deeper, straight lines that define the main rift.

Original for photo 9.


Copyright ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0

To view a copy of this licence please visit:

All dotted annotations by A. Cooper


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