67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. A Single Body That’s Been Stretched- Part 21.


As promised several weeks ago. Full zoom is required on all photos. Dots are small so as not to obscure detail. The lobe names are labelled within each photo. Two photos show a top-down view with Bastet in the foreground and Aker below it in the background.
Photo 1 


Red- 7 rounded protrusions along the head lobe rim (Bastet) which fit to 7 rounded protrusions at the shear line on the body lobe (Aker- see next photo).
Orange- an extra protrusion that’s completely obscured by shadow, which makes 8 protrusions in total.
Light blue- a ridge that matches in the Aker photo below.
photo 2 


Red, orange, blue- match to same coloured features as in photo 1.
Yellow- The Bastet head rim line, or at least, the rim as far as we can see it in this photo. The actual head rim is of course the rounded protrusions which are hanging just below this yellow line and out of sight below its overhang.
Photo 3 


Mauve- two very small mauve dots below the 4th red dot from left. These denote what appear to be a pair of mini-dykes within one of the rounded protrusions along the head rim. See part 8 for a full analysis of dykes and how they would be expected at the shear line.
Other colours as for above.
Photo 4 


Mauve- denotes the same two mini-dyke imprints on the corresponding rounded protrusion on the body. Full zoom required.
Photo 5 


Large mauve dots- are sited at or near the bottom of the main dykes coming up from within the core (as opposed to mini-dykes branching off near the exit as in photos 3 and 4). These bigger dykes emerge between each rounded protrusion.
Green dots- are sited at the trumpet-shaped outlets of the main dykes. Indeed the reason the rounded protrusions are rounded is because of the trumpet shaped outlets between them.
Small mauve dots- the two mini-dykes as described in photos 3 and 4.
Not annotated- the three protrusions to the right of the ridge. This photo is whited out and these features are all but lost but we know they are there from photo 1. You can also make out the wavy line ‘precipitate’ that roughly betrays their position.


Copyright ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0

To view a copy of this licence please visit:

All dotted annotations by scute1133.


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