67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. A single body that has been stretched- part 4

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Part 4 is a photographic summary of parts 1-3 in this series on the stretched nature of 67P/C-G. It shows the most obvious matches between the head and body of the comet. The first pair and their location is described in detail in part 1. The second pair is from part 2 and the single photo with head and body matches visible is from part 3. These matches along with many others constitute a continuous line around at least half the visible perimeter of 67/C-G, and prove that it is not a contact binary.

The two pairs of photos from parts 1 and 2 have different coloured dots marking specific matching locations along a wavy geological formation that stretches unbroken for about a kilometre. The wavy line is fairly clear but for clarity it’s marked with coloured dots. The colours progress in the same sequence along the line in each photo so that each twist and turn can be read across from one to the other.

A photo at the bottom of this summary shows the rough locations of these matches.

From part 1



From part 2



From part 3


For more detail about the location of these matches and others, please refer to parts 1-3. These posts describe how they match in the third dimension as well, not just in plan view.

The following picture shows the rough location of the matches shown above. The detailed posts carry the shear line round to the left as far as the terminator. Yellow denotes the part 1 pair, blue for the part 2 pair, terracotta for the single part 3 photo.


Photo credits: ESA Space in Images/ Rosetta blog.


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